Football Game Play Terms

soccer game play

Assist: One of the few terms in the sport, and the only one to reference a maneuver, that is American in origin. It refers to when a teammate helps another by passing the ball to them so that they can make a goal.

Corner Kick: A corner kick is granted to the opposing team when the ball is knocked out of bounds by someone playing the defender role near the end-line, which is by the goal. The team that was trying to make the goal is allowed to kick the ball back into play from the nearest corner.

Clear: Is a term used to describe the play, either kick, head, or chest bump, that was used to defend a goal. Sometimes the term header can be applied if the goalie used his head, because that is the term used for such moves.

Dribble: Unlike the basketball terminology, dribbling in soccer refers to the feet movements a player uses to move the ball around an opponent.

Dive/Flop: One of the more comical acts in soccer, these are exaggerated and often mocked motions that players will go through to get a free kick or penalty. These include such antics as faking being hit/injured by another player.

Free Kick: Players can get a free kick against the opposing team if the other team is seen to cause potential harm via reckless behavior. As mentioned with the dive/flop maneuver, it is not uncommon for players to get free kicks by faking an injury as the result of another player being careless. A particularly good example is when one player did a flop after merely being flicked on the ear by a member from the opposing team.

Goal: Using the term points instead of goals might earn some glares from die-hard football fans. When it comes to international matches, if the score is 6-4, then it is stated as; six goals to four.

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